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I created a LUT that transforms colors from the BT.2020 color space as used by many cameras in HLG mode (Panasonic, Sony, Fuji etc.) to the Rec.709 color space. This is a technical LUT that does a precise translation of colors from one colorspace to another while leaving other values such as gamma and contrast untouched - that is colors are "corrected" but the footage remains otherwise ungraded. As such this LUT gives a perfect starting point for grading HLG footage in Rec709.

HLG in Rec709
cc-LUT applied
HLG in Rec709
cc-LUT applied

Download example images in high resolution

If you are looking for a precise color conversion from HLG to Rec709 easily applied by a
LUT in .cube format, please make a payment below and the cc-LUT will be emailed to you. Thank you!

Inverse LUT:  Rec.709 > BT.2020
The inverse LUT converts gamut in the opposite direction from Rec.709 to BT.2020/Rec.2100. If you need that one please select 'inverse' in the drop-down menu.

Fine-tune skin tones
In addition, both the regular and inverse LUT are a handy tool for fine-tuning color correction, especially skin tones when used as a creative LUT and adjusted in intensity.

For requests or if you need a LUT for conversion between other color spaces please feel free to email me at truecolorluts@gmail.com. Custom LUTs can be ordered from 30€.

HLG in Rec709
cc-LUT applied
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