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I created a LUT that transforms colors from the BT.2020 color space as used by many cameras in HLG mode (Panasonic GH5, Sony, ect.) to the Rec.709 color space for editing in SDR. This is a technical LUT that does a precise translation of colors from one colorspace to another while leaving other values such as gamma and contrast untouched - that is colors are "corrected" but the footage remains otherwise ungraded. As such this LUT gives a perfect starting point for grading HLG footage in Rec709.

HLG in Rec709
cc-LUT applied
HLG in Rec709
cc-LUT applied
(recommended: 4€ - 10€)*
Download example images in high resolution

If you are looking for a precise color conversion from HLG to Rec709 easily applied by a
LUT in .cube format, please donate a small amount and the cc-LUT will be emailed to you.
Thank you!

When shooting HLG intended for Rec.709 I recommend to set Zebra to 90% and expose to the right (ETTR).

Update: inverse LUT
I also made an inverse LUT to convert gamut from Rec.709 to BT.2020. If you want that one please mention "inverse LUT" during the donation process.
* Contributors above 6€ automatically receive both the regular HLG BT2020/Rec2100 to Rec709 LUT and the Rec709 to BT2020/Rec2100 LUT

For requests or if you need a LUT for conversion between other color spaces please feel free to email me at truecolorluts@gmail.com
HLG in Rec709
cc-LUT applied
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